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Reiki – Why is it so popular? Who benefits?

Written: 18th Mar 2011
Reiki.  Why is it so popular? Who benefits?
What is Reiki really?

Is Reiki about healing, or is it really about being the person that we are meant to be?
Reiki is becoming more popular as many find that it has something lovely to offer them and their lives. Some fabulous changes have taken place for people after doing Reiki workshops or receiving treatments.

Some Reiki facts.
  • Reiki is pronounced “raykey” and means “universal energy / life force”
  • It is suitable for anyone and everyone.
  • The purpose of Reiki is to assist everyone with personal and spiritual growth, including healing.
  • The origins of Reiki i.e. in the ancient Sanskrit teachings, however it was “discovered or re discovered” by Mikado Usui. 

Learning Reiki

Anyone can learn and benefit from Reiki. There are three levels – 1st degree (level one), 2nd degree (level two) and finally Reiki Master. A Reiki Master can assist others to receive and learn how to use Reiki. 

Anyone can learn how to give and receive Reiki either for their own benefit or for using with their family, friends, or contacts. A Reiki Master will do an attunement during a workshop and will give full information, advice, guidance plus tuition according to the level being achieved (i.e. level 1 , 2 or Master)

People can choose to go to any level that is right for them. Everyone starts with Reiki 1. Reiki 2 follows this for those who wish to progress and some will continue even further and become a Reiki Master themselves.   A Reiki Master can only pass on an attunement for any level. For more information, see details about Reiki and workshops on our website -

First Degree is for all – a personal growth and development tool that aid personal healing. You can do Reiki for yourself and practice on others too.

Second Degree – this is often undertaken about 3 months after the first degree (but can be longer if you prefer). This is often regarded as practitioner status and includes the next attunement plus information on healing for others and distance healing too.

Reiki Master – this is for those who wish to have access to and learn about being a Reiki master. It includes the Master attunement and much more involved energetic work and practices. Masters may also learn about the teaching process and passing on attunements although many do their Master just to have access to the energy and may not wish to pass on attunements.

During the Reiki attunement workshops you will learn many things that may enhance your life. You will also receive an attunement for your first or next level of Reiki. For many it is life changing experience and one that you greatly appreciate.

There is misconception that you have to be a healer to “do” Reiki but this is inaccurate. Anyone can receive, benefit or “do” Reiki but it is essential to get thorough training that is well explained, supportive and it takes time to go through the essential concepts. Mikado Usui originally introduced Reiki to others and very often it was passed on to others whenever and wherever he was; so some of his teachings were done in the local drinking house, i.e. the pub! 

 A treatment

You may sit on a chair or lie on a couch for the treatment. Reiki can be done anywhere at any time. Sometimes the person using Reiki will hold their hands over the part of the body affected or place their hands over any area(s) to assist the energy flow through out the body. There are a number of specific areas (Chakras) of the body and working with these may help to induce a greater feeling of relaxation, reduce tension and generally improve mood and aid sleep.

You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. Sometimes it may be helpful to touch an area i.e. knee etc – in all cases you will be asked if that is okay and full decency is always totally observed. It can feel very relaxing and soothing. Everyone responds to Reiki in his or her own unique way. Some people feel heat, warmth or “activity” in the area requiring assistance. Other sensations that can be felt range from tingling, ripples of energy, and something like a “magnetic” feeling.

Who benefits from Reiki?

It is suitable for all ages and types of people. It is also wonderful for the animal world, plant life and even the planet! (If your pet or any animal needs some Reiki. Please see Nancy Kennewell - Animal Reiki)

When is the best time to have or do Reiki?
If you are thinking about Reiki, or having Reiki, then it is probably the time for you to take it further. In my experience many people turn to Reiki when they are at a time in their lives when they are ready to move on or let go. It may be that you have met someone who has been using or receiving Reiki and noticed the pleasant changes and then to want some of "that”. One person I know who came to Reiki at a time in their life when it was simply “time”. He had watched a colleague change and grow in enjoyment of life and seen the difference it made and that was the trigger to learn about Reiki for himself. It may be that you are striving to improve your life and want a supporting hand. This is the perfect time to get to know more about Reiki. The teachings of Reiki can really enhance your life and give you knowledge, support and also comfort. When people ask me “when is the right time?”, I simply answer “you will know!”. I mean that the fact they are asking the questions indicates that they will discover the right time for themselves.
How can it help, what can you expect?

Sometimes it is the right time to move of or let go. May be this is a time of life change i.e. the children are leaving home or maybe coping with a bereavement. These are examples of ideal times to receive the soothing and assisting qualities of Reiki. Sometimes it can be challenging as issues are realised and can be dealt with, however most clients and students report the transition to a better place and are delighted with the results.

What to do next

Feel free to book onto a course or book a treatment on this site.