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Dyslexia mum's Book Published

Written: 1st Dec 2006

"I was written off in my education"

A LOUGHBOROUGH woman who battled dyslexia through­out her childhood has become an author.

Sue Ricks, a complementary therapy practitioner, has used her childhood experiences as a start­ing point for her first book, Three Steps to Enjoying. Life, a simple guide on how to make better choices.

Sue Ricks is the principal of the Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies which offers professional tuition in many area including reflexology, Reiki, Hopi ear candles, and Feng Shui.

Sue said: "My motivation for writing began when 1 realised that the strategies that I employ myself are useful to others too."

Sue says she wants to share her simple plan with those who wish to enjoy life more or maybe are find­ing life a bit of a challenge.

She speaks of how her early experiences of dyslexia had a harsh effect on her self-esteem until she realised that she could choose to be limited by this condi­tion or rise above it.

New Way

Sarah, a busy mum of two under threes, says Sue's book and help has been like a breath of fresh air. She is now so much happier and calmer, and has adopted a whole new way of coping.

She said: "The boys think I am alright now! I have stopped getting on at them all the time."

Sue's practical and easy to use plan is now being introduced into therapy practices up and down the country. Friends, family, clients and students are keen enthusiasts of the technique.

Sue is a mum of two boys, who are also dyslexic, and has run her own business for more than 14 years. Sue says she was written off in education and left school with very poor beliefs about herself. She has now become a successful trainer, broadcaster and practi­tioner. She has appeared on TV, radio, and at national speaking engagements. Sue lectures in both her own training school and uni­versities around the country. She is shortly to be presenting her train­ing in Australia.

The book is due to be launched this week.