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Feng Shui - becoming part of a couple

Written: 5th Jun 2018
I wonder how many of us realise that Feng Shui has something immensely useful to offer us when considering what type of wedding invitation card or save the date card to choose! 

There's a great concept in Feng Shui about representation. 

As a Feng Shui consultant I see this all the time as it's a very subtle but relevant thing. I know I didn't know before I learned all about it in Feng Shui and yet when we know we can save ourselves from heartache and unhappiness.

In Feng Shui there is a great deal of emphasis on symbolism. How things are represented in form. That could be beliefs or emotions. All of which affect our health and happiness, what the Chinese and oriental cultures call abundance.

Anything to do with love, relationships, weddings and coupledom is ideally represented as two people in harmony and in love. 

If, however anything to do with any of these emotive subjects are represented in any singular form then it demonstrates that it's all about one person. The clues might be provided by the gender or image of the one represented. 

I once saw a really beautiful Save the Date card for a wedding of a beautiful couple who had been single for many years. The Save the Date card was of a Sea scene and beautiful woman looking out to sea. It was a very stylish, elegant and an attractive card and I knew it came from the heart as something the lady loved. 

What it meant in Feng Shui terms was that the lady was representing more about herself and less about the joy of what the event is (about two people coming together in love).

I've seen it before where a woman has been hurt in previous relationships and the recovery process meant developing a big sense of self-reliance. That means digging deep and looking after self.
This deep need to care for self may end up being some potential issues for future relationships unless it's spotted and eased.

Feng Shui offers a really helpful piece of advice about keeping things in twos if anyone wants to become or stay as part of a couple. When things are paired it shows that the couple work together, there is mutual respect and they work together. 

These symbols of togetherness are a subconscious way of representing lives woven together with each person taking care of themselves and each other.

Any house that is completely full of single items as in one candle, one ornament, one picture etc, means that subconsciously they more comfortable being single. For some people being in a relationship is super hard. There is a fine line between being self-reliant and being caught up in self.

If there is a desire to be part of couple then it's advisable to have things in pairs. This could be anything from a pair of candle sticks (candles represent love), or two plants or two ornaments. 

The cards that we use to invite people to celebrate any engagements, weddings etc will be important as well to include the likes, tastes and gender of both. Whatever that is, it needs to show the connection of two people. 

Anything that shows only one person may sadly reflect that there is an underlying issue with boundaries and connections. 

Happiness is increased when it comes in pairs and togetherness. 

So next time anyone asks you about what type of card to use for an engagement or wedding invitation (or save the date) remember to include two people and something that represents both likes. 

What's on the card...
Single's all about me as I need to stay safe (subconsciously) 
Couples (two people means it all about us) and we will be okay.