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You may not think it's making a difference but it is

Written: 25th Jun 2018

Whatever your interest is in with reflexology and however you go about passing on your love and passion for it; it is never lost!

You may not think it's making a difference but it is.

Maybe years later you found out that it made a difference that you never knew about. What's important is that you are true to you and your love of what you do and both give and receive.

Sharing is caring.

People really don't care how much you know but they know how much you care!

I have just been reading a Facebook post that really moved me. It was from Bernette Todd of Soothing Balance Therapies. In the post she wrote about how she originally came to know about reflexology and what had drawn here to it.

She reminded me that she had seen a newspaper article whilst living in the UK many years ago that had prompted her to look into reflexology. She had wanted to know more and to train to become a reflexologist but all those years ago , with two small children to care for, she couldn't travel and train at the same time. Then years later whilst living in the US, she came to one of my courses and we got chatting and she worked out that it was possibly the newspaper article that she'd seen that was about my work that was done in 1992. Everything seems to fit from her remembering of the article and my knowledge of what was in it! The actual article was a result of an interview that I had done with Jane Alexander from the UK Daily Mail. That article changed my life and apparently changed Bernie's too! 

You never know the results of your actions, however as long as your actions are motivated by love, gratitude and appreciation then all will be done for the best way for you and for others. The article in the Daily Mail was exactly a result of another thing that I couldn't possibly have predicted either!!

I'd been to a conference in London and a journalist called Jane Alexander had come onto the stage and talk to us about how we (complementary therapists and practitioners) can help ourselves and how we often aren't doing that.

I remember her saying something "like you people don't help yourselves. You don't do enough research and you don't tell us what you're doing. As a journalist I want to know more and I want you to tell me". I remember feeling both annoyed. brave and yet terrified too as I knew that her speech had hit a nerve in me and that I had to speak out. I was literally shaking when I went to talk to her at the front of the auditorium (and I was now well out of my comfort zone). I told her that I had just finished doing some research and that our trial has just completed and I told her about my work in the Prince of Wales Hospital, Cardiff (which is now closed) and the Cardiff Royal Infirmary and how we had a team of reflexologists doing reflexology and a control group on patients who would had hip and knee replacements.

I told her about our very positive results and she said she would go off and find out more about it and get back to me.

I never heard anything at all for over a year and I thought that she let it lie.

I was very surprised when she contacted me and said that she would like to do an interview for her newspaper, The Daily Mail. We arranged for her to meet up with us and we were not told when the article was coming out and because we thought it would be a small one we were fine with that. We did not however expect the size it would be once published. It was a massive double page spread and we had over 5500 enquiries! We were literally deluged by letters asking for help. The phone rang constantly and all this before the era of email!

I did my absolute best to help everyone who wrote to me for help. I personally replied to everyone and had some incredible messages and requests. Many people were asking for help with every kind of illness and disease, physical emotional and mental.

I worked every hour possible and saw as many people as I could. People came to my clinic and I travelled all over the country for those who could not travel. I even did some treatments in The Dorchester, Park Lane, London.

My over giving was only cut short by a bad break of my wrist, 2 days before we were all due to go on holiday. Note - if you want to stop a reflexologist who is over giving ..... take her wrist away!!

Fast forward and it's quite beautiful to now have met up with Bernie and to know that it's possible through check in timings and reading patterns that she may have read that very same article all those years ago and that she is now making such a difference in her hometown of Syracuse, Illinois. When I first met Bernie there was such a connection and she loves the Gentle Touch Reflexology classes that I taught in the States. She enjoyed them so much that she has just followed through and has now done some extra training and work and gone on to become fully fledged and licensed Gentle Touch Reflexologist. never know what you do and where it goes.

The bigger picture lights the way for us all.

Had I not trained in reflexology and done the trials and spoken out to Jane Alexander and been interviewed by the Daily Mail, maybe Bernie would not have seen an article and then met up with me 25 years later. She's now changing lives and I'm so grateful that I met her and continue to know that the world of reflexology has changed her life and those around her ..... as it has mine!!

We never know the results of our actions

With love Sue x