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Impressions of the Jazzed Chicago Conference ....from the UK. - As seen in the Reflexology Association of America Magazine

Written: 30th Nov 2018
What a fabulous conference the latest RAA conference was in so many ways.

My partner George and I feel very lucky to have joined everyone at this latest RAA conference in Chicago. As a fellow conference host I saw just how much effort had gone into this great event behind the scenes too.

I think it was one of the best conferences I've been too as the energy was high, the feedback was lovely, the comments were so positive and some there were some superb presenters.

Having hosted the UK Reflexology Conference in the UK I know that these events take a great deal of energy and time to put together. Thank you for the details in managing the program, arranging the technical crews, arranging the food, creating a beautiful conference manual and making space for us vendors too!

One thing that I know (because I've done it myself) is that these conferences cost more than people think. So thank you for the financial planning, bravery and monitoring that you've had to do too.

I'm a huge believer in conferences having been taught well by RAA! My first conference was in Denver and loved it, followed by Orlando where I spoke a couple of times, then Santa Fe which was beautiful and then onto Anchorage. Oh my..I loved Alaska!

My dream when putting on the UK Conference was to bring people together and build the phrase "together we are stronger".
You certainly achieved that too. The sense of camaraderie was everywhere.

At each conference we've attended we have made more friends, deepened our existing friendships and generally loved them. I don't know if people who haven't been realise what friendly places conferences are. I know when I hosted the UK Colours of Reflexology conference that I could feel the anxiety of people coming to their first event. So it's important to support others who don't come so that they know how friendly they are and how much support that will get.

I also know that finding the right presenters is tricky too and you did such a good job. Behind the scenes this also takes so much effort. There are so many arrangements to be made with travel, technical requirements, accommodation and payments. It all takes time and energy. The RAA board did a great job. I know how much time and effort it took me to host the UK one and really applaud the team who pulled together to make this conference work.

Every person we met up with in corridors or restaurants or who came to our vendor table were so lovely. The warmth and friendship is palpable. It's no wonder that this event sold out and I'm sure the next RAA conference will be even bigger and better again.

On behalf of George and myself, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to this great conference and made us feel so welcome. It's a pleasure to travel over from across the pond and join you. Thank you for your welcome.

I hope anyone reading this who came will go to the next event, and anyone who hasn't been for a while or never been will be at the next one.

Conferences are super important in my view. I've been to very many conferences across the world and conferences:-
* bring people together
* build friendships
* add knowledge
* open doors
* create bonding
* add professionalism
* create mentoring opportunities
* help you meet others from across the country or globe
* gift opportunities for travel
* create safe ways to step out of our comfort zones
* builds confidence
* creates an energetic hub that supports all
* a hug - a- thon (so many hugs going on!)
* gives you chance to travel too

If you were there - thank you, see you next time.
If you weren't there - keep an eye out for the dates. Start saving and see you at the next one!!

Thank you so much.

Sue Ricks