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Practical tips for practitioners: Making the most of it!

Written: 28th Jan 2019

The value of life is incalculable, and it is different to everyone.

Making the most of what we’ve got isn’t easy sometimes, and yet it’s the best way forward. When someone is depressed or anxious it’s so tough to see things in a different light.

I remember meeting a client when I’d only just started in reflexology many years ago. She had just been to see the chiropodist, who was in the room next to me. She was having a very difficult time with depression and anxiety and the chiropodist recommended that she see “the new lady next door” who was a reflexologist to see if that might help. It just so happened (a ‘meant to be’) that I had a cancellation and I was able to see her that day. She was a beautiful, sweet little old lady. She had the darkest eyes, the biggest frown and the blackest cloud hanging over her and sat all forlorn in my chair. After doing the initial consultation with her, I settled her in and began he treatment; after not very long she suddenly looked up at me and said, “I think I want to smile”! At this point I stopped what I was doing, wrapped her feet in the towel, knelt down wrapped my arms around her and said, “Go on, I dare you!” and she broke out into the most beautiful smile! It’s one of my most precious memories that will live with me forever, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that exists to this day.

What it showed me was the power of transformation and how a little bit of love can go a very long way.

She never looked back and that one session of reflexology changed her life.

We may never know the results of what we do. As long as we do our best, do it in a grounded and loving way…then the rest is as it’s meant to be.

What may be surprising to some may be the ‘norm’ to others. I love reflexology in all forms. I love that there are so many specialisms. What is exceptionally important (in my view) is that we all pull together as part of the rainbow of reflexology. If we liken each different type of reflexology to a particular spectrum of colour, then each colour forms a part of the rainbow and we need us all together to bring this beautiful thing into the world.

There is a great phase:

“knowledge is king, a dream is his queen, and self-destruction is his mistress” – Noel DeJesus.

What if both we and our clients experienced the knowledge of self-belief, love of self and love of others through receiving reflexology?


All our clients collective knowledge is king,

All our dreams for its potential is queen,

And yet we can self-destruct if we pull apart or separate ourselves.


It’s important that we all are respectful of each other, are loving and offer true kindness to each other. When we live and breathe that, everything flows more easily.

I found out just how effective that is when working with a student who came for a one to one private training session. I totally get why she came privately, because she was so nervous, anxious and “edgy” that she was too scared to do a regular CPD course.

She explained how life is for her and how her depression, anxiety and inner tension was stopping her from achieving her dreams of helping others.

Our work together began by focusing on her strengths, her love of others and her desire to help. I gently worked along to help her see and accept her gifts.

The thing is that I know how depression, lack of self-worth and anxiety can wreak havoc. I know that personally as I was in real trouble in my teens and younger years!

Sometimes spending time working on ourselves can be a private thing. A case of inner work, journaling, meditating, reading etc. However, in other cases, having someone with you on your journey is of massive help. In reflexology we offer that facility, and as reflexologists we can seek out mentors.

If we are depressed it means we are being presses down (depressed) and out of our energy. When we help people to be more of who they are and energetically connected to self, then magic happens. Helping someone to be calm and more confident through reflexology is also a way of helping them connect to their inner worth and self-esteem.

The change in the student was fantastic and not only that, it reinforced my belief on the wonders of reflexology from an energetic point of view.

When I am working one to one I go through things and also get in the reflexology chair, which means that I become both client and tutor, and what I experienced was so interesting.

“We may never know the results of what we do. As long as we do our best, do it in a grounded and loving way…then the rest is as it’s meant to be.”

When the student began working on me she was anxious and energetically all over the place. We stopped the session and worked on her love of self, love of reflexology, love of what she was doing right now. Her heart-felt desire was to really help people, so when she kept her thoughts and emotions in a helpful direction, she engaged really well. The resulting improvement to how her treatment felt was wonderful.

So, getting on what I call that “love highway” can be wonderful.

When energy follows thought and we focus on the good stuff…then more good stuff follows! So, helping people (or ourselves) during times of low mood, anxiety and depression can be lifted by giving or receiving unconditional love.

So, to the lady who came that day and said she wanted to smile…Her legacy lives on.

“Go on…I dare you”

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" content was first published in reflexions magazine."