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Foot Reading and Visual Interpretations - One to One private training - Two days

Availability: One to One
Course Length: 2 days

 Also see our One Day option... Click here for more info

What is this Foot Reading Course?

Learn, understand and interpret the feet.  Learn about the ways that feet can inform us what 'issues' may be going on in the clients' (or your own) life and how to help. This is such an incredible thing to know as it adds a whole new dimension to what you can know about an individual and how to be able to help them more effectively.

This two day workshop invites you to learn the fascinating subject of Foot Reading. Learn how to read the invaluable information that the feet can show us. Find out how to interpret the colours, condition of the skin, shape of the feet and toes and so much more. This is becoming an increasingly appreciated skill that helps you, your family and those you care for.

It is perfect for:-

  • Reflexologists
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Salon Employees
  • Health Care Workers
  • Fitness Personnel
  • Anyone who sees the Feet or Hands of their clients or customers.
  • Yourself!

Foot Reading is an invaluable tool for anyone who wishes to accelerate their ability to assist their client and have a greater understanding of how to approach them. This course is a must for all Reflexologists.

Find out about:

  • Toe positions
  • Foot positions
  • Feet defects
  • Lines and marks
  • Own growths
  • Skin
  • Scars

All of these can have additional meanings and relate to an individual and their life.

Some of the information that we can gain;
  • Natural skills, talents and aptitudes
  • Where or how a person may be finding life difficult
  • Personality traits
  • Coping strategies
  • Appropriate careers
  • How they interpret life
  • What are the key aspects of life for them
  • How balanced they are
  • Potential achieved
  • Potential to be realised

Foot reading reveals so much about a person

What will I learn?

From this two day course you will:

  • Increase your knowledge of the feet
  • Learn more about the meaning of feet through Foot Reading
  • Become aware of what feet are telling you:
  • Discover hidden talents
  • What motivates individuals
  • What is influencing your client's life
  • Your client's strengths and weaknesses

...and much, much more.

You will be provided with some extensive notes to support this course. These notes will be available to you on after the course.

Where will the Course be Held?

The Foot Reading Course will be held in Loughborough, Leicestershire (UK) or over a Skype or Zoom call.

If you would like to do this course via a Skype or Zoom call please email me at to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

We also have the option of doing this one-to-one as a 1 day course, for more information go to

Are there any Training or Support Materials that can Help Me to Learn more about Foot Reading

There are Foot Reading Charts available in a variety of sizes.Foot Reading Chart by Sue Ricks

There are also a number of other training aids available on Reflexology in general

How many CPD Points can I earn?

This course qualifies for 5.5 ARCB CEU's / AoR CPD points

Peevious students comments of the Foot Reading Course

" I had no idea how useful this day was going to be when I booked, what a treat it was"

"I had always wondered what additional information the feet might be telling me - and now I know. Thank you for a great day"

"Very enjoyable and informative. I feel more confident now, thank you"

"Sue's knowledge and teaching have made this subject come alive. I will be telling my other colleagues!"


Insider information

Helen Shortland

Indicator of what is really going on

Lisa Goddard

Reflection of the person

Emma Liston

Brings everything together – like the glue

Paul Prewitt

Be able to ‘look inside‘

Lisa Goddard


Ann Clarricoates

The unspoken word that saves embarrassment

Gill Wright

You can tell instantly how someone is feeling

Chris Bridges

It opens the floodgate of what you can do with feet. Enhances everything immensely. Incredible

Steve Finnemore

An extra insight so you can treat everyone better

Seanna Matthews

Its such a gift that you can see issues that people don’t want you to talk about and hopefully help them better because you know more (without them knowing that you know!!)